Grading Guidelines

KG assessment Policy:

  • Based on a Continuous Assessment Model
  • Oral Assessments for KG 1, 2&3
  • Unit Check-Ups’, Oral for KG 3
  • At the end of the year, Students take a written evaluation to prepare them for Grade 1.
  • Report Cards are issued twice a term.

  • Teachers use assessment to drive student learning forward. It is a concrete way for teachers to communicate to parents their child’s strengths and areas for improvement. Teachers use observation and different methods of evaluation on one- onone basis for students’ progress in all areas of learning.
  • Portfolios show a progression of growth in a child’s development during a period of time through a collection of student work samples.
  • On Monthly basis, a social and academic progress report is submitted to the parents.
  • Descriptive reports are sent at the end of each semester. Descriptive reports describe progress of the child covering all the areas of learning and concepts which are presented throughout the semester.
  • In KG3 main stream and KG 3 support classes, the progress of children is followed up through Midterm Assessment and Final Assessment in preparation for grade one.
  • Monthly meetings are held to follow up the progress of students in KG 3 support classes.

Continuous assessment:

Lower grades (1-3):

  • Continuous Assessment for the social, motor skills and acquired knowledge in accordance with the Common Core - American curriculum which have been taken and blended together in a balanced and integrated manner, taking into consideration our objectives and values which stem from our culture and global outlook.
  • One progress report is sent home each term.
  • Continuous Assessment for lower grades (1-3):
  • Quizzes policy for lower grades:
  • English: A quiz after each story and weekly dictation.
  • Arabic: a weekly dictation.
  • Science /Math /computer/ Social studies/ Islamic education: Alternative weeks.
  • Unannounced baseline exams are conducted once each semester for Grade one and two students to guide the improvement plan and ensure skill mastery.