Assessment Policy
EAIS International School believes in the importance of assessment as an important component for gathering information and following up our students’ progress to improve their learning.

An Effective and well-organized assessment provides data for both educators and learners to improve teaching and learning. For this reason, Assessment at EAIS is of two types:
  1. Formative assessment: assessment for learning
  2. Summative assessment: assessment of learning

A. Formative assessment

Formative assessment involves the use of various techniques that help promote student achievement. Generally, it is a performance-based assessment. 
Students will learn and educators will learn more about their students’ achievement through tools that include but are not limited to:
  • Every teacher should keep a performance-based record that tracks each student’s achievement.
  • Formative assessment and the effective implementation of performance-based assessment are linked to teachers’ observation reports as a measurement of students’ learning.
  • Diagnostic tests are conducted at the beginning of the school year along with a learning style test to guide all teaching and learning procedures. Digital assessment tools are also conducted and analyzed to shape teaching/ learning activities and strategic planning.

B. Summative assessment

Summative assessment is the assessment of learning. That is, it measures what a student has learnt. 
In EAIS, we follow the MOE regulations for the final exams. 
Results are shared with parents/ guardians on quarterly basis.